How does the world seem to you these days? Are you feeling confused and unsure about what to think?  Maybe your are even feeling confused about your role in today's political environment?


Would you like to feel less confused and more effective as a citizen?

Knowledge as they say, is power. And this is especially true in the political arena. Get the knowledge you need to become empowered. Develop your confidence to make decisions that can positively impact not only your country, but your local communities, and ultimately you and your family.

Your MEMBERSHIP will become part of the solution. Being a member will help you shift from overwhelmed to ownership.

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Become a Member


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  • Access to information & training for citizen engagement at the local level in your immediate community, or in your state/province, or possibly at the national/country level.  And for some of you, it might even mean your engagement is on a global scale
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  • All members have access to a private Community Forum where you will be able to meet others who share similar goals.
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A country is a border.  A nation is a people.

What does it mean to be the people of the United States? What is the special role of the citizen?

In all of the noise and chaos, it has been easy to forget that democracy is you, and your friends and your family, and your community. Democracy is about -Rule of Law- for all.  It is both the voter, and the elected official. Democracy is a shared responsibility between the governing systems and the citizen. It's the norms we set for our communities. Democracy is what we create in our neighborhoods, cities, states, and country.

Wouldn't it be a good thing to be more informed about what is happening today?

And wouldn't it be helpful to feel more confident about your political views and choices?


 Democracy is how we live. It is how we look at our nation and the world and ourselves.  Democracy is reflective of the norms and principles that define us. Democracy is our identity. We are democracy. 

What is clear is that in the United States, democracy is enervated, citizens are confused, and leadership at all levels is lacking. There are serious problems on display as citizens display anger, violence, or apathy. Some citizens are caught in the grip of conspiracists who manipulate and mislead.

Question: How do we as a nation navigate these times? Answer: By becoming part of the solution! 


Citizens play a critical role in every level of life today.  Whatever your passion, it is time to become a driver, no longer a passenger.  There are too many important ways that you are needed in today's world. 

You ask, "But how?  I am just one person".  By becoming a MEMBER, you are no longer "JUST ONE PERSON." As a MEMBER, you are joined with others, and you have the support of Out of the Box International® to encourage you and to give you the tools you need to feel as if your contribution matters!

Expand your impact as you step out of a sense of powerlessness, confusion, and most harmful threat to democracy, APATHY.  Using information, and critical thinking skills, you can exercise your constructive presence to make a difference.