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After nearly a century of global leadership, the United States today presents as a confused nation

  • How do citizens navigate the polarizing waters of the political party structures?
  • Has the incursion of social media platforms diminished the dignity of politics?
  • Who has the TRUTH, and what are citizens to do in a culture of exaggerations, falsehoods, and hype?
  • Will the mental fatigue that exists within the nation result in a further diminution of American democracy?
  • Democracy in America is not healthy in the second decade of the 21st century.  But it is not broken.  Together, we will become part of the solution.
  • At OOTBI®, we are FIRST Americans.  And second a member of a political party.  Our role is to become INFORMED, EMPOWERED, and ENGAGED.
People ask me, "Does it have to be this way?"  The answer is, "No, it doesn't HAVE TO be this way." 
Today as the WORLD watches the chaotic display in the United States many citizens feel tired, confused, and even disgusted. The on-going political dysfunction has resulted in many questions about the how  & why it got this bad.
More importantly, people in the United States want to know what can be done to make the elections every four years less chaotic and more democratic.
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  AT OOTBI® we are about becoming INFORMED, EMPOWERED, and ENGAGED.

To become part of the solution is the better choice. 

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How does OOTBI® help you become part of the solution?


1) You are a citizen not a consumer. Citizens are personally invested in in their community and the democracy that secures their rights.
2) Citizens lead through example. In a democracy we are all leaders. The solution will not come from the politicians, from the political parties, from the celebrity class, nor from the 'super-rich'. 
3) You are part of the solution. A groundswell of citizen leaders, who are living as INFORMED, EMPOWERED, and ENGAGED citizens
4) WE are the solution - together, WE reinvigorate democracy, one-step- at-a-time
5) Democracy remains viable only when the citizens 


Citizen leaders - you.  In a democracy we are all leaders. But being a leader in a democracy is not about dominating others, it is about being the example. Without the participation of a robust citizenry the likelihood of a functioning democracy diminishes.  And that is what we are witnessing today.  A diminished democracy.  It's time to change that as you live as an informed, engaged, and empowered citizen.


What is democracy? And why is democracy in the 21st century weakened?  Do people in the west REALLY want authoritarian or populist leaders?  What is driving this current time in democracy? Who is responsible for democracy in the United States? What is the role of the political party?  Today, many citizens are uninformed of the foundations of democracy, which is a contributing factor of the weakened condition of democracy in the United States at this time in history.


Election security is now the most important issue for the future of democracy.  The elections in 2016 and 2020 revealed the deep fractions within both the social and political structures as legal challenges dominate election results.  UNQUESTIONABLY, the battle over the 2024 election will define the future of democracy.



The Constitutional standard for 'separation of church & state' has undergone a profound alteration as religious leaders cozy up to politicians seeking to utilize access to power for brazen attempts to shift the norms away from tolerance so as to favor religious persuasions.  This is contrary to the objectives of the Frames to secure a clear separation between 'church & state".  Religious tolerance is American.  But an incursion of religion into the political system has contorted the separation of church & state.


The United States has a reputation for upholding human rights. But as social tensions continue to flare in cities around the country, how is the nation able to stand for human rights? And how do other nations view the norms of the U.S. when leaders exhibit corruption without accountability? At the start of the nation, the United States affirmed the belief in 'natural law', limited government, and 'rule of law' for all. Today, even with all of the challenges of a globalized world, human rights must remain the foundation for the democracy of the American people.


Understanding the world today as a globalized aggregate requires information, knowledge, and understanding.  Today tensions arise as geo-political and geo-economic competition stirs nationalist agendas.  In a world where populist leaders seek to capitalize on the challenges of globalism, it is important for you to fully equipped to lead, instead of follow.

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