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What is OOTBI?

What is Out of the Box International®?

Established in 2010, by Beth Hill-Skinner,M.A.,M.A.  OOTBI has served to inform the public for the betterment of the lives of, not just those who have access to power, money, and higher education, but for those whose lives are impacted by decisions that are made at the highest levels of power.  By flattening the separation between those "who are in the know" and those "who feel left out & left behind" social divisions and stresses can be minimized as political representation becomes reflective of democracy and democratic principles.

HOW? We seek to do more than just inform. We seek to EDUCATE anyone in search of a better understanding of the complex issues and problems in the world today. Not looking at the world as it once was, instead confidently seeing the world as it is today.

WHY? The world today is rife with information and yet people are more confused than ever.  Information is not the solution to better communities, societies, and nation-states. More information is not the answer. Citizen engagement is the solution.  EDUCATION is the bridge that takes information into constructive and productive action.  Education with the end goal to "train, equip, and enlighten"; to help you shift from overwhelm to ownership - of your community, your neighborhood, your city, state, province, or nation.


Out of the Box International® where the goal is to see you INFORMEDEMPOWERED, and ENGAGED.

COMMUNITY FORUM: Through the shared deliberation of people and citizens anywhere, the Out of the Box International® Community Forum will serve as an incubator to encourage engagement at every level of political, social, cultural, religious, and community affairs.

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About Beth

I've been navigating the world of both domestic and international politics for several decades.  In particular I find it deeply satisfying/rewarding to deconstruct and elucidate complex realities, allowing busy, hard-working people a better understanding of the pressures that forge political outcomes.  Rather than feeling dislocated from the political process it is preferable that people are able to make some sense of the governance... that   "Making sense" is a far cry of agreeing with or liking.  To be sure, the public seldom Leaders and officials, whether elected in a democratic system or not, have a responsibility to include  ensure that the world of politics makes more sense to the people who are most impacted by the decisions that leaders and politicians make.  It is only when the public is informed that leaders can be held accountable. And it is only when leaders are held accountable that many of the challenges our world faces will be put to the table for solutions. 

Join me and others as we become more informed, more empowered, and more engaged.  When people participate in their community, state or province,  country it doesn't make anything easier. But it does make things better. 



Beth's education and training:


Professional Degrees:

 B.A. - Religious Studies, from University of California, Riverside

 M.A. - Theology, University of Notre Dame

 M.A. - International Diplomacy, specialization Transnational Terrorism

 Professional Certifications:

 Meditation educator- Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

 Ayurveda Medicine & Healing - Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

 Blueprint Coaching- Ford Institute, JFK University

 Administration- Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

 Drug & Alcohol Counseling - U.S. Army, Munich School of Behavioral Science

 Advanced Drug & Alcohol Counseling - U.S. Army, Munich School of Behavioral Science

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