Election Security Disruption

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Beth provides an exclusive overview of election security in the US.

Reviving Democracy

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Globalism v. Nationalism

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Voter Information

Your vote is the most valuable asset of democracy in the United States.  It is time that you come to recognize the power of your vote. 


To find voter information specific to your state follow this link. For CA voters select the ballot box.


Election Security

Election security has become the most crucial vulnerability to democracy in the United States as we live through the challenges of threats to all aspects of THE VOTE. 

Your will find resources and expert help to ensure that we, the voters, have the knowledge to pressure elected officials at every level. 

Whether in your city, state, or at the national level, it is important to improve the election process to ensure that THE VOTE remains secure.

While redistricting, gerrymandering, and voter suppression efforts have contributed to the dysfunctions within the voting process, digital security, machine efficacy, and backup systems are also concerns to election security.

Here at Out of the Box International® we want to look clearly at the problem while becoming part of the solution!


Education and Leadership Development

There are two different Latin roots of the English word "education." The first is "educare," which means to train or to mold.  The second is "educere," meaning to lead out.

Both meanings have been absorbed into the modern use of education, but not in practicality.  Education has come to mean “information”.  We live in a world that has an over-abundance of information; without training, molding, and leading out.  Simply knowing information has lead to a gullibility within the public domain, thereby empowering politicians who are exploiting the weaknesses in today’s democratic system.

Education and leadership development will be a priority as you seek to become a citizen leadership.  Remember, leadership begins first with yourself.  Become educated. Become conscious. And contribute to the future of your democracy.