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Events in Egypt. To Be Continued...

arab spring egypt geo-politics middle east muslim brotherhood Jun 25, 2012

The unfolding events in Egypt have given rise to wide-reaching punditry and speculation about what each and every movement means.  And such is the reality of the information age. Regardless of how quickly information is made available through the internet, individual movements in and of themselves are no way to interpret historical events.  History must be interpreted through a linkage of events, through an understanding of the context of the times, and most importantly, through the "lived outcome" of those who are directly impacted.   Interpretation must be slowed down so as to observe the process.  In the case of the Egyptian results announcing the election of Mohammed Morsi to the office of president there is much yet to come, much more.  For those who live in the United States one has only to consider the example of Bush v Gore in 2000.   Today  June 25, 2012 the story in Egypt is being told through the lens of the two most powerful entities: the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yet, the pragmatic crush of navigating the state of Egypt through the treacherous times ahead will not easily submit to an ideology.  It is without doubt that the harsh realities of the economic crisis in Egypt, and one should not underestimate the pressures ahead,  will forge the new president in ways that cannot be predicted.  Additionally, there is a large population that remains disenfranchised, neither aligned with the military nor the Muslim Brotherhood, to contend with. The real story in Egypt remains untold.  What of the young people in Tahrir Square who demanded that Mubarak step down?  Unfortunately they were not well-organized sufficiently to garner the support of the people.  Many had disavowed the political process naively believing that "revolution" alone would result in and accomplish a new Egypt.

          How will they one day influence the political process?  And they certainly day.   

The story  in Egypt is to be continued....

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