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Islamic Scholar, Hamza Yusuf Refutes ISIS Claims

Mar 06, 2015

I find this article, by Hamza Yusuf to be credible.  This author,  an Islamic scholar comports with my stance on ISIS/ISIL.  Too much that is being written is not well researched and promotes dangerous beliefs.  There are those who continue to link ISIS to a version of Islam, but the religion of these terrorist's is actually a perversion.  It may be difficult to disassociate the terrorist's claims that their actions are valid under their religion of Islam, but the more information that you have, but better your chances of developing an objective opinion about this scourge against humanity.  ISIS is a scourge against humanity, no doubt about that. Certainly one aspect of the fight against this global danger is doing a little bit of homework, getting good information, and reducing the tendency to spread inaccurate information.  Bad information spreads like a wild fire and then sparks other fires.  In a transnational world, these fires spread all too fast. Cooler heads make better decisions and lead others in the direction of challenging the pernicious falsehoods that are creating secondary radical groups. Click on the link below to read his thoughts regarding Islam and the claims that ISIS/ISIL and other terrorist groups are making.

  Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna Institute  

Prominent Islamic Scholar Refutes Claims of ISIS's Links To Islam



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