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Nothing exceptional about that!

Oct 19, 2020
This composite of responses to what is happening in Michigan should sharpen the importance of protecting the safety of ALL Americans.
To be an American is not an ethnic, religious, NOR POLITICAL identity. All Americans fall under the U.S. Constitution. All Americans are to be safe and under the protection of the laws that under gird human safety, and human dignity.
Being a Republican or a Democrat is a political choice. Being alive is the foundation of why we can make America a country that others aspire to model.
But when the nation devolves into tribal identities, political dangers, and emotional persuasions which incite violence, no one aspires to such a country because those countries already exist all over the globe.
We, as a nation, seek to rise above the divisions, particularly above the violence against one another. And to anchor such aspirations, leaders must provide the fuel that sustains a nation for all, under the law, under the protections of the Constitution. In the absence of leadership that speaks to the vision for America we devolve and become a fractured society.
Nothing exceptional about that.
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