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Paid To Do Nothing

535 congress voting washington Jul 17, 2012

Can you imagine there could be a job where you got paid to do nothing?  What a dream! Surely such a job does not exist;  not in reality. But such a job does exist and 535 people are doing that job today.  There are 435 U.S. Congressional Representatives and 100 Senators who are depositing their paycheck in to their bank accounts all while admitting that they are not doing their job. The reasons are many.  "It's because we don't have a majority in both chambers."  "It's because of the Democrats."  "It's because of the Republicans."  "It's the middle of a presidential race.  We have to wait until November."  " It's because of the polarization between the two parties."  "It's the president's fault for not having the right strategy."  "It's just how things are in the nation's capital."  It's the gridlock in the beltway."  "It's the unfortunate political reality."  It's...   It's...   It's...  It's............... Political realities be dammed.  This is insanity to allow this to continue as if it were a normative way to run a country.  By their own admission[1], the elected members of Congress repeatedly state that nothing is going to happen between now and November.  How is doing nothing in their job description?  There is a problem beyond the economic crisis in the nation. In all fifty states of the union, the citizens who draw a pay check typically do something to justify it.  It doesn't matter if they get along with co-workers, supervisors, owners of the company, deans at the college, presidents of a corporation, CEO's of the corporation, or anyone else.  The people of this nation do not have the ability to explain to their employer that they just can't get anything done between now and November because, well, things are just too hard.  Really?  Who lives in that world?  The people who live in that world number 535 and hold their job as a result of a voting public.   And frankly, I don't care to hear any more reasons. People of the nation, please why are we allowing this to continue?  Aren't the people in Congress there for the purpose of conducting the work within the legislative body of the United States?  Isn't it the job of Congress to work each day to ensure the welfare of the citizens?  If the answer to those questions is "Yes" (and it is) then why are we paying tax dollars to 535 people who have publically stated that nothing is going to get done for the next 4 months? Paid To Do Nothing?  There needs to be a change in Washington.  No work equals no pay.  No excuses!   Let me know what you think.  

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