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Political Headwinds Around The World

culture economy geo-political shifts nationalism transactional economic decline united states Jul 02, 2012

The victories of the Socialist candidate (Hollande) in France, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate (Morsi) in Egypt, the PRI candidate (Neito) in Mexico signal global exhaustion after a decade of transnational economic decline and an international focus on fighting terrorism.  People are in the mood to focus on matters at home.  Political parties that more closely speak the nationalistic language are winning around the world.  In the face of uncertainty, people want to hear a leader who uses traditional references and beckons to the future from a place of familiarity. As Obama and Romney fight it out for the November vote, each would do well to read the political headwinds around the world.  The American public is no less fatigued than the people in France, Egypt, or Mexico.  The candidates must find the will to reject the polarizing rhetoric when speaking of the ideals within the American way of life.  Both Obama and Romney have the responsibility to spell out their vision for the future.  But as each speaks to the American future, it would do well to frame the forecast with familiar references of the past, all the while educating the public as to the realities of present. The global headwinds are a sure sign of the trend toward nationalism.  Still, it is important to recognize that this season of nationalism is preceded by a decade of heightened globalism focused on dealing with an inter-dependent economic crisis, geo- political shifts, and transnational terrorist problems. The public is looking for someone who will preserve their sense of what it means to be an American AND move the country forward in the new economy. Retreating in to nationalism will be perilous for the nation.  And forgetting American's unique identity will only bring internal domestic conflict.  The winner in November will successfully navigate the terrain of straddling the traditions of the past AND the realities of globalization.  The political headwinds around the world signal what is in the air.

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