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Recess is Right!

congress politcal system steve rattner washington willett advisors llc Aug 03, 2012

Congress is fleeing Washington for what is customarily referred to as "summer recess".  Recess is right!  Congressional members have been acting like school children, unable to play fair or learn to cooperate with one another. RECESS.  Isn't that for a break after completing one's school work?  So, why is it that the standards that are taught to schoolchildren no longer apply to adults?  If our schoolchildren behaved the way members of Congress have been behaving, they would be sent home-but with a teachers note expressing the imperative to improve bad / unacceptable behavior.  To put this in perspective, let's get some figures. Let's look at all the work the 2012 Congress has accomplished before they take their "recess".  Steve Rattner, Chairman of Willett Advisors LLC, famous for his charts, compared the 1947 Congress, the so-called "Do Nothing Congress" to our current Congress.  The 1947 Congress passed 900 laws as compared to the 2012 Congress and its roughly 150.  The numbers tell the story:  900-150.  Only 150 laws and this is the labor from which they are taking a recess. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of the problem.  They are no longer doing the work they are sent to Washington to do.  Why?  Gerrymandering, higher priority focus on re-election, and of course, pandering to the base to secure campaign financing. What exactly is the Congress "recessing" from?  Certainly not work.  Certainly not from serving the people of their respective states.  Certainly not from earning a fair days pay for a fair days work.  This country needs a government that works.  And the smoke and mirrors to shift the blame to the person in the White House does not bear out.   Congress needs to get its own house in order. The voting public must ask itself, exactly what are they recessing from between August 4 and September 9, 2012? 

****To see Steve Rattner's charts on the 2012 Congress go to:



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