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The Tragedy of January 6, 2021

Jan 11, 2021
The Tragedy of January 6, 2021
As more videos come to public view revealing the full extent of the violence on January 6, 2021, those hours when defenders of the building and all its staff & elected officials within the building were under siege, it becomes very clear that this was one of the most tragic days in the United States.
The United States is suffering under illusion and mental illness. An illness unable to see what is plain to see. January 6, 2021 represents a rupture in the fabric of the nation. Unfortunately we see elected officials speak through an elaborate routine of mental gymnastics designed to dampen the seriousness of what actually occurred. Downplaying the horror of the brutality and violence for some perceived political game is a mental illness. Making excuses for President Trump contributes to the fracturing of citizens as a clearly dangerous, immoral, and violent set of actions endangered every citizen in the Capital.
There is no equivocation to be made. The visuals provide plenty of evidence. Elected officials and media personalities are harming the country when they deny the gravity of what transpired on January 6, 2021.
Sadly, the excuses made for the president and his enablers magnify the tragedy. To be an American means we all share a collective security. When pitting citizens against one another, there is lawlessness and there can be no security.
The breach of the Capital was a threat to domestic security and presents a threat to national security on so many levels. The Capital building was compromised which presents innumerable security challenges. But for those who experienced the trauma of the mob, they will feel the repercussions for months.
There was a time when all who held elected office could clearly distinguish a threat to domestic security. But the mental illness has perverted the minds of those who quickly forgot that they were hunkered down together, both Republican and Democrat, unclear whether they would survive the day.
The Republicans who cannot find within their heart a sure and secure sense of what it means to be an American is most depraved. An attack on every member in Congress was perpetrated.
The danger to all Congressmen and women is on record for all to witness through the voluminous videos posted by the mob who seemed attentive to internet notoriety, as if that was part of the day. Filming disturbing and demoralizing conduct is for the world to see, all under the America flag undertaken by people who refer to themselves as "patriots". It was an illusion and a serious mental illness.
The refrain, "Stop the Steal" fueled their energies fostered by the toxic information that has circulated on television and social media sources. Dishonorable personalities lured the mob to Washington under the guise of protecting the president from a fraudulent election. The president himself incited the agitation with his taunts of 'only the strong will fight'.
And yet, just as the Great Oz in the Wizard of Oz hid behind the curtain, Mr. Trump likewise watched the chaos from his secure chair in the White House reportedly calling his "fighters- Low Class".
This sham of an illusion has captivated the minds of too many people. The work of rescuing Americans from the lies and seduction of personality will be one of the greatest battles of our time. This battle for a shared American identity will define the new administration as the previous holder of the Oval Office will surely seek to seduce his supporters again and again asking of them faithful attacks against the succeeding president. Mr. Biden begins his term with domestic challenges as never before.
Yet, this was an assault on America. All of us. Were the nation not torn asunder, and suffering from a deep mental illness, the response would have been to call for a Day of Prayer. It is time that the nation be captivated by a Day of Prayer for the good of the nation. Not a day of religion, but a Day of Prayer asking every single American to pray in their own way, whether religious or not, and come together for the good of the country.
A non-denominational Day of Prayer... in a nation that promises freedom for all, religious tolerance, and rule of law for all. We must remind Americans what the nation stands for. The sickness of the current narrative must be changed. We must raise people's minds and hearts to the true promise of the United States.
It is time to begin to call the people of this country to a higher purpose. That purpose is to safeguard and preserve the democracy that is the foundation we all rely upon. For when that foundation is weakened, there is peril ahead. It is imperative that democracy is more important than political party or personality.


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