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Time for the Federal Level of Government to Get Behind The Fight Against COVID

Jan 01, 2021

At a time when cases continue to rise, it is imperative for the Federal level of government to fully get behind the effort to contain the spread of the virus.  While the Trump administration initially took a libertarian approach, allowing all citizens to choose whether or not to wear the mask followed by an uncoordinated state-to-state approach for policy, it is clear that the threat of COVID requires a consolidated set of policies, for the good of the nation.

It is not abuse of government to protect the welfare of citizens. It is in fact, the responsibility of government. Just as in the deployment of soldiers to protect the nation, the federal government has an imperative to deploy resources, training, money, education, and expertise to the states, for the good of the nation.

The specious claims of conspiracy as well as charges that COVID is not a dangerous virus remain a challenge to national domestic security.  When the Biden administration takes hold of the vaccine efforts there will be charges of "socialism" and "overreach" but such dissenting voices will be wrong.  Without the federal government putting its full resources behind this effort the United States will continue to flounder in the fight against COVID. 

The United States is more than capable of contending with a pandemic in ways that are unavailable to other countries.  It is time for the system of federalism to rise to the occasion in a concerted policy between states and Washington with full coordination with the private business sector.

We can tamp down on the spread.  It is possible to lower the deaths.  All sectors of society are handicapped as the virus continues to dominate daily life.  The economic security of the nation remains crippled by the realities of the pandemic.  Cities and communities are facing exhausted healthcare personnel.  Doctors and nurses are in short-supply as the crisis overwhelms hospitals. Statisticians are warning of a catastrophic collapse of the medical system if the cases continue to rise within the projected models.

It is in the interests of all citizens for the federal government to put its full force and power into this battle.  It is only the federal government that maintains the authority and resources to arrive at the much needed comprehensive policy for this on-going tragedy.  There is too much at stake to continue with the present ad hoc approach.  People are dying.  Our economy is floundering.  And the United States is a nation paralyzed by uncertainty. 

When the Biden administration takes office on January 20, 2021 the new approach will not be socialism.  It will be sanity.

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