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Yankin' Your Chain

culture democracy economy political system politics united states washington Mar 05, 2012

Please, everyone stop with the game set in place by Rush Limbaugh.  As an old friend of mine used to say, "He's yankin' your chain".  But it is more than that, Limbaugh is manipulating; and doing a fine job at that. Limbaugh need not be given the platform to "dominate" a national discussion.  This is out and out manipulation.   He used vulgar, crude, outlandish language.  He used such language when speaking about a young women who testified in Congressional hearing.  And he created a national conversation unworthy of all Americans. Whereas "Yankin' Your Chain" customarily infers having some fun or joking around, what Limbaugh is doing is beyond having fun.  And by the reaction, people are lured in to the game.  Just like a predator targets children, Limbaugh targets his prey and then watches the game begin.  He watches people line up on a particular side of the bait he has thrown out.  He watches as the dogs bite one another. But if every one would please, just step back from the game.   Allowing Limbaugh to "yank the chain" is a sure sign that America has gone to the dogs.  The advertisers should continue to withdraw from his show, people should put this back into the category it belongs in (Limbaugh as court jester) and Americans should find their way back to thoughtful, more intelligent discourse.   

Allowing a court jester to set the tone? makes fools of us all. 



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