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What Putin Fears Most

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2021
For the past 5 years I have been presenting materials on Democracy, teaching the foundations of just what a democracy is and does. An important part of my course has always been the truth that, "Democracies don't run on automatic. They require constant work." And that has been the learning of the United States.
In Russia, Alexei Navalny is working against tremendous odds to bring a more democratic governing system to the people. After being poisoned, he returned to Russia upon which he was immediately jailed.
In preparation for his return, he made a video for all Russians to view. Navalny's video included information of "Putin's Palace", evidence of the theft and corruption in Putin's government. The palace is a grand edifice, a testament to the rampant larceny throughout the Russian elite as Vladimir Putin takes his cut.
The Panama Papers were a peek into the inner dealings of the ultra wealthy around the world. As taxes are avoided and deals are...
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The Power of Words on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021
On this day to commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. we have a moment to remember that the struggle to preserve the promise of the United States, articulated within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, has never been a 'perfect' reality.
Dr. King understood that the ideals of the United States held out a PROMISE that had to be struggled for, through the means of non-violent demands for justice. He disavowed the violence that many of his contemporaries fashioned as the means to fight injustice. Instead, he joined with others in the most human of endeavors, that of giving repeated voice to the lies of slavery, segregation, and economic disenfranchisement in every sector of society. Dr. King gave voice to the lies of racial injustice through his words and ability to pierce the hardened mind of even those who would not give credence to the condition of citizens, solely because of race.
All creatures have the ability to communicate. Yet, we as humans...
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The Tragedy of January 6, 2021

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021
The Tragedy of January 6, 2021
As more videos come to public view revealing the full extent of the violence on January 6, 2021, those hours when defenders of the building and all its staff & elected officials within the building were under siege, it becomes very clear that this was one of the most tragic days in the United States.
The United States is suffering under illusion and mental illness. An illness unable to see what is plain to see. January 6, 2021 represents a rupture in the fabric of the nation. Unfortunately we see elected officials speak through an elaborate routine of mental gymnastics designed to dampen the seriousness of what actually occurred. Downplaying the horror of the brutality and violence for some perceived political game is a mental illness. Making excuses for President Trump contributes to the fracturing of citizens as a clearly dangerous, immoral, and violent set of actions endangered every citizen in the Capital.
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Ten Living Secretaries of Defense Come Together

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

Signalling alarm within the upper echelons of the government, all ten living Secretary of Defense figures penned an Op-ed in the Washington Post with a clear message, the military will remain outside the ongoing political disputes that are threatening the peaceful transition of power. 

At a time when Trump is contesting the results and calling for his supporters to protest on January 6, 2021 the makings of politically motivated violence looms heavy on the nation.  Busy lives notwithstanding, every citizen can sense the potential for domestic conflict as the divides within the country find fuel on social media and through alternative programming websites. 

In the Op-ed there was no revelation of a specific request for any branch of the military to assist the Trump Administration.  However, the piece itself telegraphs a level of apprehension to which the very premise of American democracy must be protected.  With a unified voice the ten SecDefs walled-off...

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VOTES? VOTES? Anybody have some votes to sell?

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

VOTES? VOTES? Anybody selling votes?

Even though the calendar has turned and it is now 2021, here in the United States there remains a crisis of the democratic and political systems. And it looks that a dozen or more Republican Senators are willing to contribute to the ruination of the 2020 election by rejecting the state certified results. This refusal has been qualified as a form of Constitutional loyalty, but it is nothing more than political avarice. That Senators would degrade the upper house is further evidence of the waywardness in the Republican Party during the Trump years.

Donald Trump has exploited each and every vulnerability within the political system while he continues to obliviate norms for decency, morality, and standards. During his time as president the country has become numb to childish name-calling, insults, and mafia style strong arming; all in the context of "alternative facts”. (We have Kellyanne Conway for that inventive phrase.)

The weekend call with...

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Time for the Federal Level of Government to Get Behind The Fight Against COVID

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2021

At a time when cases continue to rise, it is imperative for the Federal level of government to fully get behind the effort to contain the spread of the virus.  While the Trump administration initially took a libertarian approach, allowing all citizens to choose whether or not to wear the mask followed by an uncoordinated state-to-state approach for policy, it is clear that the threat of COVID requires a consolidated set of policies, for the good of the nation.

It is not abuse of government to protect the welfare of citizens. It is in fact, the responsibility of government. Just as in the deployment of soldiers to protect the nation, the federal government has an imperative to deploy resources, training, money, education, and expertise to the states, for the good of the nation.

The specious claims of conspiracy as well as charges that COVID is not a dangerous virus remain a challenge to national domestic security.  When the Biden administration takes hold of the vaccine...

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Lessons from Belarus

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

As the people in Belarus continue to pour out into the streets to protest for the results of the election to be honored they are putting their lives in danger as the tension ratchets up.

President Lukashenko is fighting to retain control of the government which has afforded him autonomy with regard to the finances, the security systems, and the economic levers that constrain all parameters of life.  For him to acknowledge his challenger Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had won the majority of votes would mean that all of the corrupt operational controls would be exposed to both the domestic and international media. And quite possibly place him at risk for prosecution. 

Lukashenko's desperation is on display as he dispatches the military.  Soldiers have imprisoned housewives, young men & women, and even grandmothers.  Every Belarusian is considered a threat to the the man who is often referred to as "Europe's last dictator".

The support of Putin is multifaceted and...

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Nothing exceptional about that!

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020
This composite of responses to what is happening in Michigan should sharpen the importance of protecting the safety of ALL Americans.
To be an American is not an ethnic, religious, NOR POLITICAL identity. All Americans fall under the U.S. Constitution. All Americans are to be safe and under the protection of the laws that under gird human safety, and human dignity.
Being a Republican or a Democrat is a political choice. Being alive is the foundation of why we can make America a country that others aspire to model.
But when the nation devolves into tribal identities, political dangers, and emotional persuasions which incite violence, no one aspires to such a country because those countries already exist all over the globe.
We, as a nation, seek to rise above the divisions, particularly above the violence against one another. And to anchor such aspirations, leaders must provide the fuel that...
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The Real Reason The 82 Chibok Women Were Released

Uncategorized May 07, 2017

While their families will be relieved to have them home, the unfortunate reality is, these girls are political props. At a time when President Buhari is battling an undisclosed illness, some reports stating that he works only an hour or two each day, this highly publicized release of 82 Chibok girls serves as a patina over a fragile presidency. Surely, money was used to entice the terrorist group Boku Haram as the primary method for negotiations.  Yet, the government will tamp down on any such assertions. These girls will arrive home with conflicted emotions as many have adjusted to their 'husbands'.  The conditions as a Boku Haram wife are harsh.  But Stockholm syndrome is a predictable response after three years of captivity.  One wonders if there are trained experts who are familiar enough with the Nigerian culture to be of help for these young women.  The transition back to their families and to society will not be easy. The 82 lives who are serving as...

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America is Getting “Trumped” (Part 1)

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2016

There are so many reasons why Donald Trump is dominating the news cycle during the summer of 2015.  But one day, it will be a summer to forget.  Why?  Because America is getting “Trumped. The theatrics, the bombastic speech, the insults…. all quintessential Trump.  His New York “tough-guy” background honed in the rough and tumble real estate jungle of “the city that never sleeps” is on display as if running for president were a reality TV show.  And in many ways, that is exactly what this is for THE DONALD.  This is the ultimate reality TV show. He is an aging personality with fewer and fewer conquests to present to the world as proof of his superior, well,…..his superior…..his superior…. according to Donald, his superior EVERY THING.  And with dwindling avenues to show his family and the world how superior he his, why not run for President of the United States?Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_1 Trump Penthouse


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